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Female cat needs a Male ?!!?
My cat is acting VERY weird!!?
New home - cat attacking owner and unsettling other cats?
The Big Bad Vicious Hunter?
Bitting Chin...?
Dusty loves the Roman Shades....?
Playing Fetch?
Doodles behaviour with her kittens?
Kitty meet cords, cleaners, and cats Please read and post?
toilet as litter box??
A Visiting Dog?
Kitten woes?
cat is biting me?
cats allergy?
We can't cuddle our cat !?
Kitten's bedwetting?
bad cat fight, need help?
Concern about my kitten?
what is this? what should I do?
Safe topical disinfectant?
What is the difference between dry food and crunchy treats?
Can a spayed female have vaginal discharge?
What color is Kitty Pee Part II!! Update
Paw Pads fading, cracking and bleeding
Feeding Kitten Food to Adults?
Kitten doing something strange....
How to help my cat to pee and defecate
Why isn't my puddy in heat yet??!
Hairball Maintence Foods
Sudden Lethargy and Weakness
We have a bathroom problem
soft claws and infections?
Recent pictures of Midnight and her boys, Star and Lucky.
Meet Brandi Natasha and Lexus from Maine
Oliver in his usual pose....
British shorthair?
Have a question about a semi feral cat.
Scully, Stephanie, and Miko
The eagle in his aerie
Country Kitties
That's all mine - Be carefull
random Mella and Lexie
Meet my Sugar Pie :)
Sammy Boyo
Introducing Annie
A tribute to Pumpkin: I'll miss every bite, lick and purr
Some catures....
My poem to Mitsie
Well here he is! Introducing Aramis!
e collar and eating
domestic medium hairs?
Do we have an Siamese in here!?!?!?!
Please take a moment....
Christmas Eve with Cinderella
Is this a bad idea..?
Do you know this Breed?
Cutting a cat;s hair?
Sinister or Playful?
how many times do you feed your cat a day?
cat in a box
When to adopt another cat?
Stinky poo??
Made a homepage - need proof readers
News item: Cat knocks on door to save owner in fire
Automatic Litter Boxes
A question about Star and Lucky's coloring.
How to toilet train your cat. Hilarious video!
My Delema, help
Need Puppy Info
Nellie's potty training
New chinchilla questions
new dog/two dogs? help!
New here... and on the verge of becoming a chinny mom!
New lab puppy
New owner of a gorgeous girl chinchilla!!!
New to Chins, need some starting help
Outrageous law in suburb of IL has family distraught
Personalities of your chinchillas
re-integrating cats
Royal Canin Urinary SO
Saw a scary fight...
She Cries in her Crate!
Should I keep my new boston-URGENT-
should mastiff puppies not be placed into new homes until at least 8 weeks old?
Should previous owners be allowed to visit their abandonees?
Should we???
Sister wants a dog
Thought I had heard everything- reasons for abandoning pets
We have a chance to get 2 Golden's.
we have to get rid of our cat
Well guys guess what! LONG POST!
WESTCOAST NEWS - Rough times for the BC SPCA
What do you do with the do-do?
Something that bothers me - this is very long
Somewhat Bad News *Updated with Determination!*
This Is The Attitude I Face......
Weight Watchers
What a huge slap in the face...
What are you listening too- With Lyrics...
What do you think? I want a Change!
What is a Pet Talker???
Multiple questions - Spay/nueter, sick dog
my dog continues to chew her pads off her feet / IMAGES / please help!! :(
My dog is leaking
My dog wont eat...at least not his food
my kitty is sick
My puppy fell ...
Need A Little Imput - hot spots?
Need Advise
Need some good advice.
nervous pug?
Neutered male cat spraying in house (long)
New here, and Pregnant Cat?
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