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sudden increase in appetite

So there are obviously reasons why a cat's appetite would suddenly decrease. But my cat has definitely started to eat more than she used to - it seems like her food bowl is running on empty much faster than it used to. The only thing that has changed is the location of her food - I moved it from the kitchen because our roof was leaking. If it was a dog, I could at least blame mice eating some of it, but I doubt that's the case with Squeakers, who has been known to pick flies out of the air.
How old is your kitty? It could just be she's hungrier, or bored. But if you've noticed she's eating a signifacantly more amount and is not gaining or is losing weight, especially if she is older, you may want to bring her in for a check up as those are signs of hyperthyriodism. It could also just be cooler weather. My cats seem to eat less during the summer.
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