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How to help my cat to pee and defecate

Hello all,
I just found this forum and I love it ... It's awesome to find such a wonderful comunity of cat lovers.
Well, I really need your help for this question.
My cat (KIKI is his name), possibly was hit by a car. He lost his tails stimulus at all. His tail now it's like a limp limb where he drags everywhere.
I took him to the vet and the vet realized besides the tail, he also lost stimulus on his anal area . He's been not able to pee or defecate by himself .
Today I took him to the vet to have his bladder fully emptied. But I think he wants to pee again and I dont know how to do it ( and I cant afford take him to the vet everyday). can I do that at home by myself?
His faeces fall from his anus without prior notice because he lost the hability to know when he wants to defecate.
How can I help him to defecate and pee?
Has somone here faced the same or similar problem before?
Thanks for your help
Lewis (New Zealand)
I knew of a manx kitty who had defecation and walking problems with his hind legs, but he was an outdoor barn kitty owned by a vet-tech and she was able to monitor him. I didn't know him very well...
My own kitty is having difficulty with his back end, both elimination and back leg function, though his tail seems fine. Reilly's problem is degenerative and progressive. We will eventually lose him...but for now, he is happy with himself.
He has difficulty urinating and defecating.
To defecate, he lays on his side and pulls his back legs up to his belly and 'paddles' them until he is finished. Sometimes he vomits from the effort of elimination.
To urinate, he also lays on his side and it seems he has to strain very hard to get the urine past his sphincter muscles. His tail shakes with the effort.
Your kitty sounds like he has no control or feeling of when it is time for him to go. Your vet should have shown you how to express his bladder when he was in last time. I'm sorry, I don't know what to advise you...
Best of luck to you and your kitty,
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There are such things as diapers for cats and dogs. That should solve the feces problem. But as far as urinating, I guess you'll have to learn how to do it yourself, as Heidi said.
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