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Something is wrong with my cat


Hello all, my female cat has been going crazy lately with excessive licking on her backside, I can see her fur twitching and then she starts running, like she is trying to get away from whatever is bothering her. There are no ticks nor fleas so I'm stumped at what else it could be. Last night my husband was rubbing her back abit to see if that would help, she got agitated and hissed at him, hissing is normal for her, she has always done that since she was a kitten, but still took that as "leave me alone". Her back legs then started kicking out from behind her and she we just let her go and move about the house. Im keeping a close eye on her today and if things are still the same I will be calling the vet no doubt.
She was also not feeling well since last sat, no eating, kind of lethargic, she has just started to slowly eat and even gave her a bit of milk which we normally don't do. Has anyone seen other cats behave like this with the fur on they're backs twitching and then constant licking?
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I haven't seen anything like that, but it would make me wonder about allergies. Food or flea meds or maybe even shampoo???
Based on my experience, sometimes it is very, very hard to notice that something may be really wrong, so if in doubt, have the vet check her out.
I would go to the vet immediately because she isn't eating (well not much anyway).
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Two things come to mind here:
1: about to give birth, but thats a longshot.
2: just had a romp with a tom. I think it causes some stingy discomfort.
Is she spayed?
Bluey's answer is the only one I can think of too, if she's not spayed.
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This sounds like the itchy-twitchies, more properly known as Feline Hyperesthesia Syndrome or "ripple-skin" syndrome.
This is actually thought to be a mild form of seizure or neurologic problem. It appears that the nerve endings in the skin fire for no particular reason, and the skin ripples or twitches in response; to the cat it feels like they were stuck with a pin. They'll turn and lick (usually at the spine area or hindquarters) and often they will run away as if fleeing the sensation.
Conventionally, there is not much in the way of treatment. If it becomes severe, phenobarbital (an anti-seizure drug) can be prescribed.
Holistically, you can try increased Vitamin E and Omega-3 fatty acids in the diet, and the homeopathic remedy Belladonna and Rescue Remedy. These latter two can be mixed together in a 1-ounce dropper bottle. Give a dropperful as soon as you can catch her after one of these episodes.
Dr. Jean
Jean Hofve, DVM
Boulder, Colorado
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