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Male Dogs Trying to Mount My Spayed Female Dog

My three year old dog was spayed when she just over a year old. She's a rescue so we don't know a lot about her past history but apparantly she had a miscarriage prior to her being spayed and actually nearly bled to death.

Now eventhough she is spayed, quite a few male dogs try to mount her. She's not shy in letting them know to get off by barking but never by biting. Until tonight I never thought anything of it, but tonight at the dog park, one dog owner asked if she was unspayed because his dog was very interested in her. When I told him that she was indeed spayed, he made a flip comment that the vet didn't do a very good job. I was left dumbfounded and mad at this guy's arrogance.

What did he mean? Is it possible she is still emitting "come hither" smells?

Any advice would be appreciated or URLs so I can learn more about this.

It happens all the time. My girl is mounted at every park she goes to LMHO

Males mount males as well , it's just the natural instinct to wanna hump.

Dogs wanting to get 'some' to put it bluntly!

The vet didn't do a good job? What kind of comment is that... she is either spayed or not. What a moron! Don't worry about it at all as it is normal dog behavior. If HE cannot control his dog then he shouldn't bring it around a lot of dogs, it's that simple. Additionally, was his dog neutered? THAT is what would make a big difference.

Not long ago a man's in tact male wouldn't leave my neutered Maximus alone. He had no control over the dog... another reason why I have decided to give up dog parks!

When I used to take my girl to the dog park often it was normal to have a park full of males and her. She is spayed, and they would chase her as a pack somedays. Had better manners than everyone else though, and would come if I called so I could keep her fairly safe if things got really rough, but they would be all over her.

I think the other dog owner was arrogant. Trying to blame you and your dog for his dog's issues. Most dogs that tried to mount my girl the owners immediatly called off or pulled off and reprimanded tryign to get across that it was a badhabit..

You might want to check and make sure your dog doesn't have any sort of infection that could give off odour.

I've had male dogs try and mount my girl and she's been spayed for at least 3 years! It's not unusual behavior.

My male cat who was neutered over 2 years ago still mounts my Stinkerbelle and goes through all the motions.

As for the "vet didn't do a good job" comment - it can happen that some ovarian tissue can remain in the body after a spay. This can be found out by having a blood test to check hormone levels.

Yes, I was going to say, if your doggy has an infection, it does smell nice to males. If it was males and females, I'd say it was dominance, but being that it's only males and it seems like a relatively new thing, I think you should get her checked for infection.

Just because one dog mounted her dog?

Do you find a lot of males doing that? If so I would definitely bring her to the vet... however if this was an isolated incident I really wouldn't drive myself crazy. Some males are very persistent... they have been that way with Maximus and he's a male. I don't think it calls for vet attention if it happened once... however, that's my opinion. I guess you can say it's better safe than sorry, but it may be overreacting.

Tucker is not a humpy dog but I noticed on the weekend that he kept trying to mount his friend Sadi, they are both fixed, I think he was just getting excited playing with her and then well you know he's a male.

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