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Cat constantly crying... very loud!

I have had my cat for a year now. I got her when she was about 4 months old. She has always cried a lot, more than other cats. Lately it seems that she is doing it more. She sits by the front door and moans. We live in an apartment to it's not like I can build a screened in porch for her to hang out on. She does it when either me or my husband leaves for work and then when one of us gets home she moans until the other one gets home. But she randomly does it when both of us are home too. She has more toys than she knows what to do with and we always give her attention when we are home. She has a basket right next to our bed that she sleeps in. I also have a bed in one of the windows so that she can look outside. She also has french doors in our living room to look out of. We have been trying the water bottle method and it seems like it's worse than ever. I'm waiting for my husband to throw her out pretty soon. We both want her to stay but it's driving us both crazy. I need help SUPER fast!

Just wondering,
is she spayed?
Many female cats will howl and make
huge amounts of noise if they are not
Has she been to a vet? Perhaps she has some
type of pain shes yowling about - urinary tract
infection or something?

yep, she came spayed. and no, no urinary tract infection. it's been going on since she was a baby. she's perfectly healty. we just had a furball issue a couple of weeks ago. but she has medecine and is all better. she seriously sits in front of the door and crys. and then just meows all of the time besides that also. I mean, not 24 hours a day. She's fine when we are sleeping. When we go to bed she comes to bed and wakes up with us. My husband leaves before me in the morning and she sits in front of the door and cries when he leaves. Like right now!

I am saddend by you saying your husband will"throw her out",that would be her death-sentence and she would be another miserable,hungry,cold abandonned catof which there are many out there.
I don't know why she is crying so much,maybe a vet-visit is needed or maybe she needs some company.
Often 2 cats is better than one,but it is not always easy introducing a new cat in the household,you need patience!!
How do you react to her constant crying,anger and punishment will make her worse...maybe she needs to take a calming medicin,or maybe your husband does(kidding!)

Is she your only cat?

Cats like company and are often very lonely if there are no other cats in the house and no one is home all day. And then you sleep all night, so she's alone for around 16 hours out of 24? That's a very long and lonely time for a young kitty.

We have been trying the water bottle method and it seems like it's worse than ever.
I"m not suprised, since you are making her more miserable by doing that.:(

I would consider getting her a companion. After she spends the day playing, grooming and cuddling with a little friend, she'll be content and tired.

We wouldn't really throw her out. I could never do that. I was trying a humane method by squirting her with water. and another cat is totally out of the question. I would like a vet's opinion but not enough extra cash for a visit like that.

If you mentioned her age, I must have missed it. Often, elderly kitties can develop illnesses that cause them to cry for what seems like no apparent reason - usually neuroloigical in nature.(But just noted yours is young) This is especially true of certain breeds (I have had Siamese most of my life and they can be VERY loud, my current baby can be loud but she has nothing on an elderly meezer we had when I was a child. You could hear Mitzou down the street or even the next village!! - even after a vet visit, it was just her way of expressing her displeasure at something or other - and it was up to us humans to figure it out, lol Seriously, some elderly kitties who develop serious neuological illnesses will cry at night - or at least they prob get noticed more at night.

Just noticed that she is a young cat - you could still do some neurological and audiological tests to see if that is an issue. If you have not already done that.

Water is useless, counterproductive and even cruel. I realize you do not mean that to be but for some reason I fail to understand, ppl read they can spray water on a kitten or cat and that will train this poor creature to not doing some unwanted task. Cats just do not do behaviour mod and that is what this is supposed to be. Cats are not dogs - they need to be praised for what they do correctly (as do dogs as well) but unlike our canine friends, they do not react at all well to behaviour mod that involves any kind of negative reinforcement. Spaying water on a cat makes no sense and it is like water torture to them - (Unless they are a Turkish van and like it but even water used in a bad way won't go over well with a T Van). They wonder why you are being mean to them and just become scared of you. It only works - which is no indication I support it - IF they do not see who sprayed them and if it is done at EXACTLY the moment they did what they were not supposed to be doing, usually some one task. This means it is almost impossible to work. And in a situation more complex - like a cat crying loudly for some reason - it works not at all!!

What about her hearing? Is there any way she may have become hard of hearing recently? One way of determining hearing impared kitties is they cry more loudly than the others - they cannot hear themselves and they just communicate that way. Does she respond to you when you speak?

My YY is one of these unique cats who seems to just instinctively know things and I know this is a stab in the dark from a scientist who would never usually ask this - my colleagues would think I was losing it, lol - but is it possible she smells something on the other side of the door? A cat in dstress? A cat period? Cats and kittens? Some cats are very in tune with what is going on around them.

Do you take her out on a harness and leash or stroller? Maybe if you take her out for a walk, she may lead you to what is bothering her - if she is in distress about something outside.

These are just wild guesses - assuming your vet has told you all is well with her. I too hope your husband is not serious and that remark was his way of being amusing and while I do like humour, I have to admit that like Chico, if my bf said that, we would have quite the major argument, sigh! Is it possible she has seperation anxiety? Have there been significant changes in her life recently or in her home? Cats HATE change! Or some change directly outside where she seems to think she should be.

Good luck - if it is nothing medical and she has no behavioural probs, she may just have a loud voice like our beloved meezer. (She was fine during the night when everyone was home mind you but she did whine late at night if anyone in the family was away for any reason at all.)

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