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most popular cat color

a post a little bit ago was talking about how black cats aer hard to get rid of. Which color cats are the easiest to place in homes?
Tuxedo's I think, people love the Oreo look
~Melissa ~FengShui Bengals
Lots seem to like the orange tabby cats... Any kind of tabby is my fave I think... Has a silver, would like and orange tabby and a brown...
.... Hayley xxxxx
another stunner by ForJazz
Not sure but I'd say white cats and calico's would go first. I love them all, no matter the color.
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By ForJazz
I think buff is a very popular color, not too light and not too dark either.

Mmm... people love all grey cats too. Although, out of the litter i got rid of, the calico went first,t hen the grey long haired brother. I kept the other two though because i like DSH's.
I love solid color catsa nd cream puff cats. But it doesn't matter really, as long as i can give a cat a good home =)
I don't know about most popular, but I'd say least popular is all black. Around here Tuxedos and Calico/Tabbys are very popular but also very plentiful.
I've had all kinds and never adopted one based on coat, love 'em all.

I think the most unusual is the most popular. If one cat sticks out to you as different from the rest, you're going to be more attracted to it. Orange Tabbies are popular because they're not as common. Calicos are rare too. Tortoiseshells are a rare color, but they're also an unusual color, and not everyone likes it. Buff and White are definately rarer and always have a lot of fans. And of course, there's the tabbies, who are just popular because they remind so many people of cats they used to know or have.
And what do I have? One buff tabby, one orange tabby, one grey tabby, and a tortoiseshell. All unique
(thanks, ForJazz)
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Quote: Orange Tabbies are popular because they're not as common.
Is that true? I always thought orange tabbies were common ... I guess because I grew up with a few. I mean I never looked into it much. I knew of course orange females are unusual. That's interesting.
~ Jessica, Tilak, Jax & Harley~
White cats and cats with oriental points probably go fastest at the shelters. I've heard calicos and black cats are hard to place...
Out of Elly's litter, she went second. First was a Tuxedo boy who kept his mothers blue eyes. (Mom was a blue eyed calico.. looked a lot like Elly). There were three other kittens, a boy and a girl that were black and white and another tuxedo male, except his eyes were yellow.
spotted leopard coat of cource .....
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I was reading an article saying how difficult it was gettin to adopt black and white cats becasue they were common. People keep passing on them because lots of people have them. When I was calling rescue centres they were surprised I didn't care what colour the cat was, one woman even asked if it would be ok if it turned out to be black and white.
P.S are all black and whites called tuxedo cats or only the ones with a wee white shirt on?
Claire x
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When it comes to Devon Rexes all the little bit more unusual colors are popular; chocolate, lilac, colorpoints and calicos.
But all Devon Rexes in Sweden get good homes, no matter the color, since we have so few of them people just can't choose cat by its color.
funny, ever since i was a kid all i ever wanted was an all black cat. now i have two!
when trying to find homes for a litter of stray kittens, the calico went first. a friend of mine who runs a cat rescue always has requests for siamese, they are gone before you can blink!
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