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Cat - tail jerk

My cat has suffered a "tail jerk" episode of some nature while out two nights ago. She came home despondent and unable to move much. We originally atributed these to recurring kidney problems since she was urinating when picked up, so we took her to the vet. After observation for a day and getting some meds we took her home, but ended up taking her back the next day at the direction of the vet who said she should be feeling better since evereything in the blood work, etc looked to be fine. Upon second review of the x-rays the vet took a closer look at the tail (at my wife's suggestion since we had never seen her tail so limp) and a seperation was found at the base of the tail. The vet said it looked like the tail was jerked hard but said he did not really have any firm remedy for the problem except for some more meds and hope the tail function comes back. The vet said bowel movements would be a problem for the cat as well as steps, etc.

We probably love our cat more than ourselves (human problem to be dealt with later) and would love to hear from other people who may have experienced this problem with their cats and obviously any suggestions on what can be done.


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