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My dog keeps falling down.

I don't know what to do, my dog Riley, won't eat and keeps falling down. She had this sickness before before and she got over it in about 2 weeks, but this time it's worse. Last time she wasn't falling down. She also shakes at times. I don't know what to do, if her medicine doesn't work then...I dont know. But if you can help, please do.

What have you done so far? I presume, this is the first step.

What kind of dog is it, how old, and has it had this problem for a long time?

What did the vet say is causing it?

What med's what did the vet diagnose?

The Vet gave us some stuff called Silver and it's supposed to help with everything and anything. Riley is only 6 years old, and her problem has been going on for about a week. The Vet did not say what is causing it because the Vet does not know what is causing it. Last time we ran some tests nd they couldn't find anything. So far we have been giving her her medicine, comferting her, and being very gentle. She has eaten a tiny bit of food lately, but then she stops. I usually give them all water in their food (I have two other dogs also, Shoeby and Earl) to slow down their eating habits because they vacuum it up, but Riley does not want water in it anymore. The other night she was really, really, hot and she couldn't move (she was weak) so I brought her the water bowl and she looked away at it and hid behind my dad. Then after that, it was their dinner time so I brought her her food, with water, and she got so scared she ran and hid behind my step-mom. I think she may associate her sickness with water, because she will not drink it if I bring it to her, and she won't eat her food with it. So if you know anything about this or can help, you can email me at:


Thanks for your time

I have a feeling you need to go to another vet,there obviously is a problem and if your current vet cannot find out,you go to another one.The same as you would see a specialist for yourself,if the family-doctor cannot treat your ailment.
I am sure you are really worried about her and I hope you get some answers.

It's hard to read your post, the font is very small.

I would suggest you go back to the vet or consult another. I know I would if I were in your situation and ask more questions, get more information on what you are giving your dog and what it is for. Be informed.

Sorry my font was too small!*

Thanks for all your help, I greatly appreciate it! I will go to another vet for my dog and ask more questions. Thats a great idea, thanks for your support!

A vet who can't tell you what's wrong with your dog isn't worth going to, and definitely isn't worth paying. Find a new vet, PRONTO.

My puppy was sick recently so I've been doing a lot of research, and I can offer you this information:

Canine Distemper can cause symptoms like the ones you described. Shaking, tremors, seizures, lack of interest in food and water. This disease can also clear up and then come back worse than before. I've been advised by an e-vet that the virus is more often diagnosed clinically than with tests. Even if your dog has been vaccinated, he still might be at risk for distemper virus.

Unfortunately, if your dog has this disease, it cannot be treated directly. Instead, a veterinarian will treat the symptoms of the disease and try to help the dog's immune system fight off the disease on its own. It is important that the dog doesn't become dehydrated, especially if he's not drinking water. Has your puppy had a cough? Runny nose? Vomiting or diarrhea? These can all be symptoms of Distemper.

Distemper cannot be transmitted to humans (unless you haven't been vaccinated for measles, which you probably have), but it can be transmitted to other dogs.

Rabies Virus can cause hydrophobia. This would cause the dog to fear water, and to act irrationally when around water. Sometimes the virus causes the typical aggressive symptoms (growling, barking, trying to bite people), but sometimes it causes the animal to become 'stupid'... the dog may become docile and clumsy and fall down or walk into things. Has your dog recently been exposed to wild animals who might have been carrying the rabies virus?!

Rabies can be transmitted to humans through saliva and a break in the skin, so be careful if your dog starts to get aggressive and tries to bite.

Epilepsy is a common disorder in some kinds of dog, and can cause seizures and tremors, but wouldn't necessarily cause any other symptoms.


I strongly advise finding a new vet, and bringing specific information to the vet. Tell the vet you'd like him to test the dog for any and everything. Once you have the answers, you can begin to treat the illness.

You might also want to consider quarantining the dog from your other dogs. One sick dog is bad enough, you don't need 3. Also, if your dogs use the backyard for peeing and pooping, you might want to safeguard it by spraying a water-bleach solution around to kill any viruses that the sick dog may have shed. The distemper virus is especially hardy and can live up to 7 months outside its host. It's shed through the dog's feces and may remain dormant in your backyard, even through the winter.

Good luck with your dog, I hope he gets better. Remember, if it was your baby who was sick, and you brought him/her to the doctor and the doctor couldn't tell you what was wrong but gave you medicine for the baby anyway, you'd want a new doctor, right?

Let us know what the new vet tells you!!

Thank you very much, I really appreciate it!

let us know what happens. This sounds awful for both of you, I agree get a different vet. good luck,

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