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inactive cat

We had got a 6 year old cat about a month ago. He is very inactive, likes to hide, and doesn't eat much at all. We gave him a bath and noticed that he is really skinny. He hasn't shown any signs of actually being ill. Is there anything we can do to make him fatter, or more active. He doesn't even play with his toys, and is not interested in catnip.
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He might have issues you don't know about,might have been abused and neglected..
Give him time to earn your trust,for him to realize you are good people,it takes patience and lots of love.
I would not give him any baths,I have never given a cat a bath,it's not necessary unless the are special circumstances and might only stress him more.
I assume he's seen a vet and he's medically ok.
I would feed him something good and nutricious,no crappy grocery-store food,if you feed him only dry food,get some wet food twice a day,it will do him no harm and might spike his appetite.
Please do not give up on him,he'll come around,once he knows he's safe and secure with you and thank's for taking him.

YOu haven't taken him to a vet? He sounds sick!

He could have anything from worms to leukemia and needs a checkup ASAP.

We gave our cat a bath because he had laid in his cat box and was really dirty. The previous owner did say that the cat hides and never came out too much. She owned the cat since it was a kitten.
We really can't afford a vet bill right now.

Keep a very close eye on him. I agree he sounds sickly.
When was the last time he urinated? Had a Bowel Movement?.
He definately needs atleast a vet exam.
Beg borrow or steal the money (maybe not steal) or find the cat a home where his medical issue's can be addressed properly.
I bet that there's someting going on medically.
Why did the original owner give him up? :(

We're not sure why the person got rid of him especially for free. She was a very nice lady. She said it hid from her husband and didn't get along with her other cat. We believe that the husband may have been abusive toward the cat. The lady we got it from was very emotional when she gave him to us so we think that she may really have had to get rid of him for his safety. He's warming up to our dog and we've even seen them sleep curled up next to each other. This took some time of course. The cat only eats, goes to his litter, and walks around at night otherwise he's very inactive. We've tried dry and wet food, milk, and even tuna. When he does eats it is very little and only at night.

It could be he's afraid,if he's been kicked around,he probably expect the same from you or your husband.
Did the lady give you any medical data,is he neutered?
If he is warming up to the dog,he might still come around,just be patient and loving with him,remember he's probably been abused :(
and of course you'll need to take him to a vet..
I'd call the original owner and get more info,I take it you don't have another cat???
Be good to him,if he likes to hide,let him hide,he'll come around in his own time,once he realizes there is no danger.

Yes the cat is neutered. We are new to our area and are trying to find a decent vet around here right now. No we don't have another cat.

Well,Lilith(beautiful name!)at least he's neutered,that means he has been to a vet at one time.
Personally I think he's just skittish,with a good reason...
I am just worried you'll find him a nuisance and give up on him,please don't,like I said before,he needs time and love,once he feels there is no danger,he's not going to get hurt,he'll come around.At 6yrs he's still young.
Good Luck to both you and kitty!
Let us know how it goes.

My husband and I have no intention on getting rid of our cat. We like the fact that he is cuddly, and calm, that is the reason why we got him.We wanted a cat that wouldn't attack our baby after it is born. We are just worried that he may be too skinny. I have pictures of Baby Kitty (BK) and our Dog Cano. The one with Cano in it is the one where he is using BK as a pillow.

Very striking kitty! Looks like he doesn't think much of having his picture taken though! Cano looks so sweet!

Lilith,I am happy to hear that,some people will not hesitate to"dump"a cat as soon as there is any sign of trouble,the shelters are full of them,as you probably know :(
Thank's for the pics! I have a tabby too and I love them,my tabby Rocky(8yrs),is definetly much calmer than my other two,but he has his moments.
I am happy yours has found refuge with your doggie and I am certain he'll warm up to you too in time.
As soon as you can,bring him to the vet,his skinnyness could be from malnourishment,simply bcause he was living in a stressfull environment,being abused,but it could be a health-problem.
Her's a pic of my babies..

Those are some gorgeous cats! The white one looks just like the one I had back in my home town. His buddy was a 220 lb great dane. It was quite a sight.

Originally Posted by chico2
I would not give him any baths,I have never given a cat a bath,it's not necessary unless the are special circumstances and might only stress him more.

Ya I have to agree about baths, I started bathing mine at first then realized that I was only doing so for my comfort...cats are completely self-cleaning unless they are sick or injured.
Also do you have any other pets? If so feed the newcomer seperate as if he has been alone, he may not want to eat out in the open with others.

When my husband woke up to get ready for work this morning, he had found Baby Kitty curled up by his feet. We thought that was really weird, because BK is very skiddish, and I haven't gained his trust yet. And I am home all day everyday. My husband is home only evenings and weekend, and at lunch time.
We are hoping now that this will become more frequent, and that he will start eating more too. If not, we will take him to the vet to see what we can do. We did buy cat vitamins to mix into his wet food so he gets more nutriants every day.

Good idea... and hopefully that is a sign that he is coming around to his new environment. Cats are very loving and affectionate creatures, but only when they feel completely safe and secure.

The vet said he had a severe case of worms. We gave him medication for it, however last night we woke up to him choking on the worms, trying to vomit them up. He didn't survive. We are now wondering if the lady we got him from knew that he was this sick. She never called to see how he was doing like she said she would.
We have decided not to get another cat until my husband, is out of the military, and our soon to be baby is older. Next time we get another pet, we are going to get it from a shelter, where we know that he/ she will be healthy when we get it. And also provide it with a loving home.
Our dog knew of the loss before we showed him. This morning he was running around trying to see where we put him. Only to find him no where around. My huband, I, and the dog are going to miss Baby. He was the sweetest thing ever. I am happy that he did have Cano to keep him company his last days, and I don't regret getting him, even though we only had him for a month. Atleast we know he was well taken care of in the end.

Oh no Lilith :( that is just terrible,poor Baby no wonder he was skinny...I am so sorry,obviously he had not been cared for,it was not only the abuse he was suffering from What a sad,sad kitty life.. :(
I am not saying you abused him,but his previous beast of an owner

My husband and I both had a hard time getting back to sleep last night. And now Cano wont stop winning. He is really upset about it. I just wish we would have known sooner, then maybe he would have had a better chance of surviving. We will never beable to find another cat with his markings and personality. His sides actually had spirals. If you look closely at the pic of him I posted earlier, you can kind of see it. And he was so gentle. All he wanted was to be loved.

I don't want to look at the picture again,because I know he suffered and is now dead....but he was a beautiful Tabby :(

Poor baby suffered for who knows how long, so needlessly.

What did the vet say? What kind of worms, and what medication was given? Did the vet not offer to keep a cat so obviously very ill at the clinic??

It was round worm. They gave him a liquid formula. It was brown and smelled like syrup. The closest vet here is a military pet clinic. As we found out, it is not the best. I guess that thay only have an actual vet in once every week or so. My husband and I are now trying to find a different vet to start seeing for our dog. We have only lived here for a few months, and we only know people that are military, so it is kinda hard to find the good facilities.
We still think that the previous owner KNEW that the cat was sick when she gave him up. We are just so upset that he went through all that. If we would have known a month ago, we would have gone to a vet rightaway. The previous owner said that he had always been inactive and ate little, so you know she didn't take good care of him. This is the first pet that has ever died of an illness like this. I have always had yearly check-ups with all my pets. She said that the cat was in perfect helth. Next time we know to ask to see vet records before getting a new pet.

Where is the best place to get a new pet. My husband and I want to get another cat after he is out of the military (3-5 years). Do all shelters and rescues provide vet services, prior to adoption of a animal. Do you know of any good places in Minnesota (home state) or Maryland? We want to make sure our next cat it healthy when we adopt. Should I reseach anything on the web? What is the best age to get a cat, in order to introduce it to our dog. Our dog loves cats. Should we get a kitten? Please help me find the best way to make sure we get a healthy kitty next time. It would be very appreciated.

I have never heard of roundworms killing an adult cat, unless it was already very debilitated with another illness.

You should be able to get a healthy, vetted, spayed or neutered kitten at a reputable rescue.

Since you have a dog, I would suggest a young male, maybe 6 months old, and preferably in a foster home with a dog already.

Ok, we will get pets from a reputable rescue from now on, unless we know the seller.

Our dog has been very depressed since that cat died. He is always whinning when in his crate, which he has really never done before. And when he is out, all he does is run around trying to find his buddy. Last night we put the cat's blanket him his crate to try to comfort him, and he wouldn't even step on the blanket. He pawed at it, like he was trying to unfold it, to see if BK was hiding in it. Now everytime he goes out to go potty, he runs directly to where BK is burried. He has even carried a toy mouse around that we got BK 1 1/2 weeks ago.
We are planning on having our friend bring their lab over this evening to try to cheer him up. The two of them have always been buddies too.
How long will our dog be like this. Is there anything we can do to help him get over the loss sooner. We have tried more attention, extra playtime outside, but he doesn't seem as interested, like he normally does. It seems like he is taking it harder than my husband and I are. Will having his other lab friend over frequently help?
We just feel so bad for him. But we really don't want to get another cat, until we have our baby and it is atleast a few months old.
Will his separtion anxiety go away, will we have to put him on meds if he doesn't get better soon? He has always been happy, this is the first time we have EVER seen him so down. It hurts us to see him like this. :(

I am so sorry that you had to witness your cat dying in such a horrible way. your dog (aswell as you) will need alot of love and comforting at this time.

Pets absolutely grieve the loss of another pet and can become depressed. I hope that this passes with time. time can be a great healer, allowing you to reflect on the good times with love and smiles in your heart. i believe time will help your dog too. Just give him extra love at his time of need. You can comfort each other.

Your cat sounds very sick to me too. My first cat, Meow Meow, was exactly like that when I first took her home from Vancouver SPCA. She was extremely shy (understandable because I only had her) and always hiding. She didn't eat much, not dry or wet food. She is not interested in toys or catnip at all. Because she was my first cat, I didn't know what a healthy cat should look like + my vet said she's fine. After about 2 1/2 months, she passed away from advanced kidney failure. I am not saying your cat must be exactly like Meow Meow, but please bring her to the vet as soon as possible. Hope she will do fine soon.

Welcome back VCheng,you must have missed it,but this cat died apparently choking on worms :(
How are your kitties?

We have found something that seems to be comforting our dog. Yesterday I printed out an 8 x 11 picture of the cat and Put it outside his crate. Since I have done that, he doesn't whine as much when crated, and when out, he plays much more. He still pawss at the blanket, and looks for him though.

This thread has me in tears. What a sad story. What a lovely dog you have, so emotional and sensitive. Poor kitty cat. At least he was loved and in a comfortable home for his last month.

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